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Mobile Mindset Study

infographic image of cell phone from the report

Smartphone use is everywhere. Smartphone users seem to constantly be checking their device at the dinner table, in line at the coffee shop, at meetings, and even while walking or driving. Has the smartphone changed the way Americans interact with their mobile devices? A new study conduced by Harris Interactive and released by Lookout Mobile Security has found just that. The Mobile Mindset Study found that “a new mobile mindset has emerged: our thoughts, emotions and behavior are impacted by smartphones.”

The study found that when it came to “mobile attachment” 58% of smartphone users don’t go one hour without checking their phones. The study also asked those surveyed “how do you feel when you misplace your phone?” 73% of smartphone users feel panicked when they misplace their phone. Smartphone users are also checking their devices while lying in bed and during meals with others. 24% reported checking their devices while driving.

The study concludes that a “new set of behaviors and emotional attachments driven by smartphones” has developed. Society today has a new “mobile mindset” and this mindset is impacting our thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and even our social interactions with others.

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