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iLibrarian Ellyssa Kroski recently posted about the 5 Educational YouTube Channels for Librarians. Created in 2007 YouTube has taken off since the first video was upload. According to YouTube, “48 hours of video are uploaded every minute, resulting in nearly 8 years of content uploaded every day.” A lot of videos exist in YouTube and more are constantly being added. While many videos are fun distractions, a great deal of useful video content in YouTube is also educational especially for technology topics. How can librarians find and use materials from such a large database of videos?

Thanks to this list librarians can more easily explore YouTube Channels that provide relevant content for education, how-to videos, exposure to technologies, and ideas. For additional information visit the original post from iLibrarian.

  1. Mashable: Mashable is the go-to destination for social media-oriented tech news on the Internet. When it comes to video, Mashable’s YouTube channel delivers current events, trends, introductions to new cutting edge technology, and how-to videos about the most popular sites and products.

  3. Lifehacker: We’ve got a lot on our plates when it comes to managing our digital lives and balancing events in the real world. Lifehacker helps you manage the two, while showing you efficiency tips to expedite the whole process.

  5. TED talks: Yes, it’s common knowledge by now that TED is the place to go for some of the most inspiring video content on the Internet. Still, TED makes this list out of its tireless commitment to expanding our minds.

  7. TEKHD: TEKHD, or TEKzilla is one of the most popular tech channels on YouTube. With smart, punchy and entertaining videos, it’s easy to ingest their information at a junk food-rate. The channel produces helpful, cutting edge tips everyday, such as this video on how to make your Twitter into an RSS feed.

  9. Create Customized Channels: You can filter and sort the content from YouTube into recommended videos with a site called Frequency. The site delivers the best videos to you based on what’s popular among the public, your Facebook friends, and your Twitter followers. You can follow channels and highlight certain videos to build a custom YouTube viewing experience. One of my favorite filters on Frequency is the How-To section that pulls in the best instructional content on YouTube. Find the best recent videos without having to wade through all the spam and low-quality uploads.

Try these channels to explore YouTube and lean more about technology topics with ease.

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