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NN/LM SCR New Funding Opportunities

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The NN/LM SCR is happy to announce nine additional funding opportunities, including five new awards, for 2011-2012:

Disaster Preparedness AwardNew Award!
The purpose of the Disaster Preparedness Award is to assist public libraries in preparing for disasters so that they can assist their communities with health information and other recovery needs after an emergency.
Funding available: One project up to $10,000

EFTS Assistance Award
The purpose of this award is to promote participation in the Electronic Funds Transfer System (EFTS) among libraries that are not currently EFTS members due to institutional barriers.
Funding available: Three projects of $200 each

Express Outreach Award
The purpose of the Express Outreach Award is to support a wide range of outreach projects aimed at improving access to and use of the National Library of Medicine’s databases to improve access to health information.
Funding Available: Eight projects of up to $5,000 each

Hospital Library Promotion AwardNew Award!
The purpose of this award is to support projects that promote the value of the hospital library to the hospital administrators and staff.
Funding available: One project up to $5,000

Mobile Applications Project New Award!
The purpose of the Mobile Applications Project (MAP) Award is to provide an opportunity for Network members to provide access to health information utilizing mobile technologies. Projects may target health professionals, public librarians, public health workers, or consumers.
Funding available: One project up to $10,000

Needs Assessment AwardNew Award!
The purpose of the Needs Assessment Award is to improve health information outreach through increased knowledge of community needs. This award is designed to give organizations an opportunity to study a community in detail and to subsequently design outreach strategies that are effective in that community.
Funding available: One project up to $5,000

Professional Development Award
The purpose of this award is to enable individuals at NN/LM SCR Network member institutions to expand professional knowledge and experience to provide improved health information access to healthcare providers and consumers.
Funding available: Ten events/training activities up to $1,500 each

Regional Symposium Award
The purpose of this award is to allow Network members to work with the NN/LM SCR office to coordinate and implement a symposium.  The symposium should include information about the products and services of the National Library of Medicine (NLM).
Funding available: One symposium up to $8,600

Technology Improvement AwardNew Award!
The Technology Improvement Project (TIP) Award is intended to implement and increase access to high quality health information. The Technology Improvement Program is designed to meet the health information needs of “underconnected” communities and increase access to health information services within the community.
Funding available: Three projects up to $5,000 each

A list of all current funding opportunities is available from the NN/LM SCR Funding web page

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