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Google Now Supports Cherokee Language

Google Search Interface in Cherokee

Last week Google added the Cherokee language to the list of languages supported by the search engine interface. The Cherokee language which is endangered, first became a written language in the early 19th century. Today only about 20,000 members of the Cherokee Nation still speak the language.

Google now provides a way for Cherokee speakers to convert their Google search interface to Cherokee and provides an onscreen Cherokee keyboard. To change the Google interface to another language, use the Language Tools link on the main page. Look for the section marked “Use the Google Interface in Your Language.” With the addition of the Cherokee language, Google now sports the use of 146 languages.

With the addition of this language to the Google search interface, perhaps more people will use the Cherokee language helping preserve the historic language.

For more information, view the online announcement from the Cherokee Nation or view additional information from the Google Blog entry.

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