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Technology Spring Cleaning

Computer Cables

It’s that time of year again. Time to dust off the old gadgets and maybe go out and purchase new models. Technology is always advancing and the latest trendy tools are always getting smaller, faster or sleeker. If you are planning on doing some technology spring cleaning this year, the New York Times has some suggestions for you. In last week’s article Spring Cleaning – Gadgets to Keep (or Not), devices from laptops to cameras are reviewed based on their future potential.

For those interested in purchasing new equipment, taking a look at the article can provide some helpful tips that may help your wallet. For instance, the article suggests that purchasing a MP3 player or other musical device may not be the best investment, especially if you are already a smart phone user. Many smart phones are able to store music and files, and many people are using their phones to listen to the radio or their own music collection.

What about point and shoot cameras? The article suggests that with the way camera technology is advancing, some phones are actually great options for point and shoot. You would not want to rely on a camera phone for high quality photography though.

One of the the final recommendations on the list suggests dumping your old USB thumb drives.  Cloud computing has been a popular topic recently and with many more options for cloud storage including Dropbox and Google Docs, worrying about a misplaced thumb drive may become a thing of the past.

While these are merely suggestions, they help us see how technology is changing. Look for more advancements in cloud computing, digital photography and tablet computing in the years to come.

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