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New Funding Opportunity from Health Resources and Services Administration

On Monday, March 21, HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) posted the FY2011 grant competition for the Public Health Training Centers (PHTC) Program. $6.5 million in funding is available through FY 2011 appropriation and the Prevention and Public Health Fund for up to 10 cooperative agreements (up to $650,000 each annually) to support up to ten new Public Health Training Centers (PHTCs) as cooperative agreements in an amount up to $650,000 each annually.

PHTCs provide education, training and other services to help meet public health workforce needs and address related shortages. CEPH-accredited schools of public health and public health programs are eligible. Grant applications for the PHTCs program are due May 23, 2011 8:00 PM ET. A technical assistance call for potential PHTC grantees took place on March 30 at noon; the slides and recording will be available afterward. The link to the funding announcement is:;jsessionid=hGcqNHhZkQ2cS1GvWt0rcgXfQh7pPdcQ5px8TQGyhVTMhQJHbjvt!1145704052?oppId=80873&mode=VIEW.

NOTE re eligibility: Supplemental applications from existing centers MAY be submitted through this announcement, although the intent of the competition is to stand up new centers. Therefore supplemental applications are likely to be viewed (in the Objective Review Process) as less strong applications compared to those of new applicants, and potential applicants are urged to evaluate whether the effort of putting together a supplemental application is worthwhile.

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