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Odyssey Stand-Alone for ILL

By Ronetta Mills, ILL Specialist
Texas Tech University Health Science Center (TTUHSC) Library in Amarillo, TX

Libraries should consider implementing Odyssey Stand-Alone, a document transfer system for Interlibrary Loan.  Many Resource Libraries and other large libraries are already using Odyssey within their ILLiad Resource Sharing Management software.  Libraries not using ILLiad can download the free Odyssey Stand-Alone software from Atlas Systems.  With it you can send documents via FTP (file transfer protocol) from computer to computer using the internet IP address.

Odyssey Address Book

At TTUHSC, we have been using Odyssey Stand-Alone for approximately 6 months now.  The system works well with our existing scanner and twain driver and the interface is very easy to use.  Each library that receives your Odyssey transmissions must also have the Odyssey software and their delivery address must first be entered into your system’s address book area.  Once the entry is complete, it is just a click to choose the borrower from the list and scan the document.

Some hesitate to use the Odyssey Stand-Alone version because it comes without technical support.  But there is a listserv (Odyssey-L) monitored by the manufacturer with great diagnostic and troubleshooting information.  There is also a FAQ page with answers to all the questions I’ve encountered so far.

For libraries already using Ariel Interlibrary Loan Document Transmission software, Odyssey Stand-Alone can be run on the same computer using the same scanner and printer as Ariel software.  It may be necessary to shut down Ariel while scanning with Odyssey – Ariel will monopolize the scanner – but Odyssey can receive right along with Ariel on the same equipment.

Good luck!

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