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Do More With Those Photos

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Many of us take photos to document events around our library or organization. Digital cameras have become ubiquitous resulting in more photo opportunities.

Today photos are typically being captured at events such as lectures, symposiums and during staff activities. Chances are many organizations have a treasure trove of photos documenting events. One of the easiest ways to preserve and showcase these photos is through an online photo album hosted through a site such as Flickr or Picasa. Online photo albums allow visitors to your website to go back and take a look at past events they may have attended.

To make viewing all the photos more interactive and fun, consider creating a video slide show using a service such as Animoto. With Animoto you can organize photos and add text and background music. The online application will add transitions to make the photo viewing experience look professional. No need for advanced editing skills, Animoto’s easy to use interface allows you to upload photos and then reorder them to tell your story. Drop in text to add emphasis and detail to your slide show.

Animoto provides access to royalty free music selections which makes adding background music to a video quick and easy. Additionally, you can add any background track you like. Using free services such as Audacity, allows you to create a voice over and provide some narration for the project. Once you are happy with the arrangement of photos, text and music, Animoto will put in transitions and animation to make a video out of your photos. Watch the video online and decided if you want to edit. With one click you can edit or remix the video to get the best quality video for your needs.

Animoto offers a free service which is limited to 30 second videos. To make full length videos there are two subscription levels available, both of which can be billed monthly. Canceling a paid service does not mean losing access to your videos. Re-subscribe at any time to begin editing your videos or creating new ones. Create promotional videos to share on your website, Facebook or YouTube account.

The following Animoto project was created to share some of the photos taken over the last five years in the South Central Region.

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