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Don’t Schedule It, Doodle It

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Finding a time for everyone to meet and work on a project can be difficult. The task of finding a meeting time only grows more cumbersome when trying to coordinate the schedules of team members at different institutions and in different time zones. Doodle is a web-based scheduling application to eliminate all the frustration of setting up meetings.

Instead of asking everyone which time is best for them, the meeting coordinator can select a series of times, and then ask the group to individually choose the times when they are available. When filling out their best available time, users can leave comments for one another if necessary. Coordinators can then pick the best time when the team or the majority of the members can meet.

While Doodle was initially created for event scheduling, Doodle also provides other services such as free polling options. Users can send a poll out to a group in order to help select a meeting venue, dining choice or other option.

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You can schedule an event and send out requests without signing up for an account. Signing up for an account is good for users who may need to make changes to an event or send the invitation to others in the future. Doodle provides users with the option of logging in using various accounts such as Google or Yahoo. Once you create an account you can also connect Doodle with your Google or Outlook calendar to help make selecting the best time even easier. Doodle is available for mobile devices.

Doodle is ad supported; however, there are paid account options which eliminate ads. Businesses can also sign up for paid services from Doodle including enhanced security features and personalized URLs.

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