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Prezi Please

Prezi has been hailed by many as the next generation of PowerPoint. Prezi, a web-based presentation application, allows users to create fluid presentations that do not require slides. Instead users create their presentation on a canvas. Images, text and video can be included in each presentation. The final product is a presentation in which the presenter can zoom from one topic to another presenting their idea. Another way to think of Prezi style presentations is to think of an information poster. On the poster you have many ideas but you can only present one area or topic at a time. With Prezi you can lay out your topics and use the software to fly from one area to another.

More presenters are turning to Prezi for conference presentations. Prezi style presentations provide a new way to share information and to make your presentation stand out in a crowd.

Prezi presentations created using a free account must be published online and feature Prezi branding. Users who pay for a Prezi account can share their presentations privately, work on presentations offline and have Prezi branding removed from their final project. Both free and pay accounts feature the ability to download the presentation so that presentations can be done offline. Prezi offers special account discounts for educators and students. Users with .edu email addresses are able to use some aspects of paid accounts for free.

Try out the Prezi presentation below about the NN/LM SCR.

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