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CDC Releases Health Communicator’s Social Media Toolkit

CDC Social Media Toolkit cover image

In an effort to better spread health information, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has experimented with many social media tools. From blogs to Twitter and everything in between, the CDC has tried various forms of social media for communication. With the rise of interest in social medial tools and Web 2.0 ideas, the CDC wanted to make sure that it was effectively using these channels to best communicate health information to people on a global scale. This week the CDC released their findings and recommendations for using social media to communicate about health issues.

The Health Communicator’s Social Media Toolkit provides information on how best to use social medial to share health information. In addition to overviews of various social media tools, the toolkit also provides insights into how inexpensive or costly the tools can be to implement.

This guide provides a great starting place for understanding and using social media to share health information. Information is relevant for health professionals, health organizations and libraries who want to pass on important health information to their patients, users or community.

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