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Augmented Reality: More than Meets the Eye

According to the 2010 Horizon Report, augmented reality is one of the top trends to watch in the coming years. EDUCAUSE has created 7 Things You Should Know About Augmented Reality information sheet for educators and professionals interested in the latest emerging technology trend.

Augmented reality provides a way to overlay information and data with the physical world. The real world view becomes “augmented” by the data which is viewable through an application or device. In many ways augmented reality allows users to find out more about their physical environment by tapping into information that already exists in other forms such as online. Using augmented reality brings together the physical world and information that exists in an online context.

While the concept of augmented reality may seem far off, more applications that use augmented reality are being created for mobile devices. Mobile devices such as smartphones often include a built in GPS, compass, Internet access and camera, all tools necessary for interacting with information through augmented reality. As new applications that utilize argumented reality technology are created, we may see changes in the way people look for information.

For library and education purposes, allowing users to be more interactive with information and their environment may create more personalized and meaningful experiences. In a recent online article, the journal Chest explored the concept of augmented reality and what it could mean for medical education and diagnosis in the near future.

To learn more about augmented reality, view the Common Craft video below.

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