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Bing, the New Search Engine from Microsoft

Formerly known as Live Search, Bing ( is Microsoft’s new search engine that went fully online on June 3, 2009. Within the first few weeks from its launch, Bing has already enjoyed steady growth in search activities.

Bing provides features that are both similar to and different from other Web search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Some notable features include:

  • Grouping of search results:
    Search results are grouped based on content and keywords. For example, when searching for “swine flu” (see below for a screenshot), you will get a quick overview from Mayo and MedlinePlus, then links from Wikipedia and other sources. Beneath that are links grouped by “Swine Flu Symptoms”, “Swine Flu in Children”, “Causes of Swine Flu”, “Swine Flu Prevention”, etc. Different categories can also be accessed from the left side navigation pane. Related searches and search history also appear on the left side.
    Search results for Swine Flu on Bing
  • Daily changing background image for Bing home:
    Each background image is tagged for different elements that you can access by hovering over the image. By clicking on the “Image” link from the left side navigation pane, it will take you directly to images and links related to the background image.
    Background image for Bing home
  • Video starts playing automatically if you hovering your mouse over a video thumbnail – a nice feature for previewing video search results.
  • Save your favorite searches to either your computer, or to the free online Windows Live SkyDrive. You can organize your searches, add notes, and share them with your friends via Windows Live, Facebook, or email.
  • Easy access to Advanced Search feature without losing your search results
  • Travel section with easy access to search for airfare, hotel reservations, etc.
  • Bird’s-eye view and 3D features from Bing Maps. Search result also comes with popular business categories near that location.

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