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New Funding Opportunities from NN/LM SCR

The NN/LM SCR is now accepting applications for the following five funding opportunities.  Deadline to apply for all awards is: February 2, 2009

Course Development Award:
Amount of funding: Two (2) projects up to $3,000 each
The purpose of the Course Development Award is to develop classes that meet the needs of the members of the NN/LM SCR and to enable Network members with expertise to share knowledge and skills with colleagues and enhance the NN/LM SCR education program.  This award is intended to cover production of the course, an honorarium for creating the course, travel to teach the class two times within the SCR, and the cost for obtaining appropriate CE credit for the course.
For more information:

DOCLINE Library Improvement Project (DLIP):
Amount of funding: Four (4) projects up to $5,000 each
The purpose of the DLIP Award is to provide an opportunity to DOCLINE libraries, or libraries that are interested in becoming full DOCLINE users, to expand and improve existing library services.  Potential projects include: Funding to upgrade a slow dial-up Internet connection to a high speed broadband connection for receipt of electronic journal articles; Funding to implement an electronic document delivery solution such as Ariel; Funding to purchase a computer for use by library staff for accessing DOCLINE
For more information:

Express Outreach Award:
Amount of funding: Eleven (11) projects up to $5,000 each
The purpose of the Express Outreach Award is to support a wide range of outreach projects aimed at improving access to and use of the health information found on the Internet, especially the National Library of Medicine’s databases.  Potential project include (this list is not meant to be all-inclusive): training in use of NLM databases, promoting health information resources, exhibiting at local meetings to promote NLM products and services, Training on how to evaluate health information found on the internet.
For more information:

Mobile Health Education Project Award (MHEP):
Amount of funding: Two (2) projects up to $6,000 each
The purpose of the MHEP Award is to provide an opportunity for Network members to provide access to health information utilizing mobile technologies. Projects may target health professionals, public librarians, public health workers, or consumers. Applicants are encouraged to identify a target audience not normally reached to promote awareness and utilization of the products and services of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and NN/LM.
For more information:

Regional Symposium Award:
Amount of Funding: One (1) project up to $8,600
The purpose of this award is to allow Network members to work with the NN/LM SCR office to coordinate and implement a forum to support and enhance 2006-2011 RML Contract initiatives, including emerging health information technologies, hospital library advocacy, health information literacy, health information outreach to community based organizations, public health workforce, or allied health professionals, or assessment and evaluation. The Symposium format should allow time to highlight and promote the NLM and the NN/LM SCR programs and services, as well as a discussion and feedback forum by attendees.
For more information:

To find a list of all NN/LM SCR funding opportunities, go to:
For a list of past NN/LM SCR funded projects, go to:

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