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New Features of the NN/LM Member Maps

NN/LM Member Maps tool is now in production on the site!

This tool provides a positional location of a library based on its primary address listed in DOCLINE through the help of Google geocoding and mapping services. It is meant to be used in conjunction with the NN/LM Members Directory (

Now when you run a search, you will be able to view the results on the Members Maps. The maximum display capacity is 500 at once.

For example, if I want to display where all DOCLINE libraries in Texas are located, I do an advanced search ( and get the following results:

Then I click on the “NN/LM MAPS” button (this button also appears on the individual library’s profile page) on the top right of the page, and let the Google Map load (see below). Note that the map is color-coded. The Resource Libraries are shown as green markers and Primary Access Libraries are shown as yellow. A dark blue marker is for a Regional Medical Library and light gray markers are for members of some “other” type. You can use the “Center and Zoom” button to zoom in on one specific library. If a library’s address cannot be identified by Google, then a “No Map Location Available” would be displayed.

Note that using this tool in the context of a profile page shows you a map of that one library, while using it in the context of the results page shows you a map of all the results in your set.

If your library is a Network member but there is no marker for it or the marker is in the wrong location, that means there might be some error in your DOCLINE address. Call or email our office and we can help you fix that!

Phone: 713-799-7880 or 800-338-7657

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