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Radiation Exposure Management Website

The Radiation Event Medical Management (REMM) website is designed to provide easy-to-follow procedures for clinical diagnosis and treatment during mass casualty radiological or nuclear events. REMM provides just-in-time, evidence-based information that is understandable to those without formal radiation medicine experience.

The website covers four types of radiological or nuclear emergencies:

  1. Radiation Dispersal Devices (including Dirty Bombs)
  2. Nuclear Explosions: Weapons, Improvised Nuclear Devices
  3. Nuclear Reactor Accidents
  4. Transportation Accidents Involving Radiation

Produced by the DHHS Office of Planning and Operations, in cooperation with the National Library of Medicine, National Cancer Institute and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the goal of REMM is to provide guidance to health care providers on the types of emergencies they may face, initial medical actions and key steps in patient care. The website provides information on all stages of an emergency from initial event activities (including setting up an incident command center and hospital system) to long-term follow treatment. Different patient management algorithms are available for managing patients who have been contaminated with radiation and for patients who have merely been exposed to radiation. REMM contains numerous tools and guidelines including a dosage estimator for exposure, template for hospital orders and management of the deceased.

To access REMM:

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