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Save Time on DOCLINE and Other Billing Activities

The Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) is an easy to use system designed to streamline and expedite the billing process for DOCLINE libraries.

Created in 1996 through a joint effort between the University of Connecticut, the National Library of Medicine, and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, EFTS reduced the need to send checks or invoices between participants. The system gives users the opportunity to keep funds in an account to pay for ILL requests. EFTS can also be used for other billing, as long as both parties are participants. A suggested minimum deposit of $100 is needed to open the account; however, lesser amounts are also accepted with prior approval.

The lending library reports its loan transactions to EFTS. Transactions can be reported to the system via a file created with the assistance of a third party software such as QuickDoc, Clio and Illiad or by creating a billing file in the DOCLINE system. Additionally, the EFTS website provides a method for reporting transactions. After logging in as a member, choose the Transaction File link; then choose the option Build an Online Transaction File. An easy to use template opens and the user fills in the blanks and uploads the information. The amount of the request(s) will then be deducted from that borrower’s account. Libraries will be able to see their activities at any time at the EFTS site by logging in to their respective account and clicking the Reports link.

To learn more about the EFTS system or to become a member, go to

To find out which libraries in your region are EFTS members, go to

EFTS – How to Get Approval from the Powers That Be!, Maryann Zaremska, former Fiscal Officer, now Manager of Library Services at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, San Francisco, CA. This article may be useful for libraries where administrations are reluctant to establish an EFTS account.

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