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Beta Version of PubMed

A beta version of PubMed is available from Although the beta version has the same look and feel of PubMed, some new features have been added that increase the functionality of the database. Enhancements include:

  • Web page titles at the top of the browser will be more descriptive. Titles for all pages in the previous version of PubMed were listed as: “Entrez PubMed.” As a result, the default name for a PubMed bookmark was listed as “Entrez PubMed” regardless of what page (Results, Limits, MeSH) was actually bookmarked. The PubMed web page titles in the new version are more specific (e.g. “PubMed Home,” “PubMed Limits,” “PubMed History” and “[search term] PubMed Results.”
  • The “Send to Printer” feature no longer uses a pop-up window to display printer friendly results. This new enhancement will be particularly helpful for those users who have blocked pop-up windows on their web browsers.
  • The option to highlight search terms in results is now available in other databases (e.g. MeSH browser, Journals, NLM Catalog). To set up the higlight option, access your MyNCBI account. Choose from yellow, green, plum or aqua.
  • Selecting “Related Articles” from the PubMed Display dropdown menu (without selecting a specific citation in the search results) retrieves related articles for up to the first 500 items in the search results. In the past, if no citations were selected, Related Articles was based only on the items shown on the first page.
  • The AbstractPlus Display has been updated to include one library icon above the list of Related Links. In the past, all library icons were displayed below the PMID. In order for the library icon to be displayed in the new location, the icon must be no larger than 100 pixels wide by 25 pixels high. If a library activates more than one icon, the icon displayed at the top will be selected according to the following guidelines:
    1. Online icon
    2. Print icon
    3. Outside Tool icon

    For a list of all enhancements, see the NLM Technical Bulletin at:

    Note: The beta version will be available for a short time until the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) transitions to the new system. After the new system is online, all the features of the beta version will be incorporated into the new version of PubMed and users will not need to select “Beta” to utilize the advanced features.

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