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Google Health

Google issued a Press Release, Wednesday, 10 May on New Google Search Technologies Make Information Easier to Discover, Organize and Share located at: Of particular note is Google Co-op Beta, which will include Health topics. The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is one of the contributors to the Health topics. This new feature will appear as additional links above the usual Google search results. These links appear when users enter a health term that Google has in its pre-identified health words list. Google used the MedlinePlus vocabulary as one of the sources for their list. If users select one of the Google Health links from the top of their search page, the resulting search list will feature links to MedlinePlus sources and several other authoritative partners. The last line of the search listing identifies the “labeler” as “NLM” if MedlinePlus links to it, and the name of any other organization that also links to that search result.

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