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Hurricane Katrina Updates

For those of you impacted by Hurricane Katrina:

Please post information about yourself, other staff or your library so that everyone in the South Central Region can keep up-to-date on our colleagues in Louisiana.

To post, click on the Comments link.

71 Responses to “Hurricane Katrina Updates”

  1. Susan Dorsey Says:

    I had an email from Shane saying his family loaded up a truck of belongings and spent last week in College Station TX. When he emailed me he was safely back home. There was no damage to his home and his wife was back to work.

  2. Bruce Abbott Says:

    Greetings all.

    I’m staying with family in Athens, GA.

    Over the weekend I dropped our 16 year old daughter at a boarding charter school in Natchitoches, LA. She has 20 of her classmates from Ben Franklin High School with her.

    My two oldest children are in college out of state.

    The youngest, William, is enrolled in school in Athens.
    I can be reached at

    Bruce Abbott

  3. cassie krebs Says:

    Bruce: My son is enrolled at Franklin & Nocca. Do you have any detailed info as to how those schools are planning to manage things in the future? And…Doesn’t the Louisiana School in Natchitoches begin in 11th grade? (or are they accepting 9th & 10th graders now?)

    I’d appreciate any details (I heard Nocca had minimal physical damage, but that Franklin did not do well)


  4. Ray Perrilloux Says:

    I am looking for a family member by the name of Robert Vining. He was awaiting a heart transplant at Oschner Foundation Hospital in New Orleans when the hurricane hit. We had heard that this was the only hospital not evacuated. We have heard nothing and have not been able to contact anyone. Please Help……

  5. Julie Schiavo Says:

    Hello everyone!
    Thank you for the concern and well wishes. My husband, parents, and I are in Jackson, TN. We are doing well and are looking forward to going home!
    Thanks again!

  6. Bruce Abbott Says:

    A geologist friend of mine sent me this link which provides a mapping function that gives an estimate of the depth of flooding by neighborhood from Katrina.

    The link is

    My results are not good, but I hope others will find that their houses are not flooded as
    badly as they thought.

    Bruce Abbott

  7. Bruce Abbott Says:

    To Cassie and Ray,

    The Louisiana School for Science & Math takes 11th & 12th graders only.

    I have heard on the news that St. Bernard and Orleans will not have school this year. But, as you know everything is changing from day to day. I had also heard that only 9 of the New Orleans public schools had no flooding.

    My wife is a nurse at Ochsner and has been working at Ochsner for the past week. Other than power blackouts for the first 4 or 5 days they fared well. My wife does say that the food for the staff has been horrible, but they have been doing a somewhat better job for the patients..

    Bruce Abbott

  8. Nancy Schaefer Says:

    Thanks for establishing this blog. It has relieved our minds about colleagues and been an education about hurricane damage and an inspiration in terms of the warm concern among coworkers.

    Does anyone know if the restrictions on mail to certain zip codes posted 9/2/05 continue? If so, have you heard when those restrictions might be lifted?


  9. Wendy Roberts Says:


    The USPS website at has a “Hurricane Katrina Service Update” link that tells exactly which zip codes still have restrictions. Please note that there are different kinds of service: i.e. Standard versus Express, etc.

    Hope that helps,

  10. Shane Hodgson Says:


    According to today’s Times-Picayune, postal service in zip codes beginning with 395, 700, 701 and 704 is still suspeneded until further notice.

    On another note, thank you, Michelle, for establishing this message board. I had heard from only one person from my library until today, and now I see that virtually everyone is safe and accounted for.

    Best to you all.

    Shane Hodgson

  11. Linda Gens Says:

    My brother-in-law is a chaplain at Ochsner Hospital. He has been there since the day before the hurricane. I know if you contact him by email, he can find out about loved ones. His email is His name is Howard Gillette. He is able to receive and send email. Tell him his sister-in-law passed his email on.

    Just so you know, I am a library consultant with the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.