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Email Discussion List

About the Listserv

List name: nnlmscr

The nnlmscr list is an open, unmoderated email discussion list for NN/LM SCR Network members, and for the South Central Chapter/Medical Library Association (SCC/MLA).

The purpose of the list is to:

  • Facilitate communication among libraries, hospitals, and organizations that provide health information to health professionals and the public within the South Central Region (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas)
  • Provide a forum for discussing practical, theoretical, and philosophical issues and for exchanging advice, information, ideas, and resources of interest to its intended audience
  • Serve as the discussion list for SCC/MLA

Appropriate usage includes:

  • Publicizing regional and state meetings, classes and other educational opportunities
  • Making announcements of regional and state interest, including job postings
  • Sharing information and resources
  • Asking for advice from colleagues

Inappropriate usage includes:

  • Advertisements by publishers, software producers, or other vendors
    • Discussions and questions about products and services initiated by list subscribers are appropriate
  • Reference questions or assistance with library research by non-librarians

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