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Videoconferencing and Voice Over IP

Note: This section is currently under revision.

Recommended Low-Cost Audio and Videoconferencing Software: Skype

  • Skype: Skype is a free Voice Over IP (VoIP) program. Skype is easy to install; once installed, you can call other Skype users from your computer. You will need a headset and microphone or speakers and microphone (see hardware). Quality is usually good to excellent, depending on the amount of Internet congestion at the time of the call. Skype allows up to 5 parties in a conference call. Since Skype uses P2P technology, it works behind firewalls. The MCR has had good results using Skype to communicate. Skype also lets you videoconference with one other person. For more information about Skype, see this Latitudes article.

Recommended Low-Cost Audio and Videoconferencing Hardware: Headset and Webcam

  • Headset with Microphone A headset with microphone is require for audio and videoconferencing. See the list of recommended headsets for Skype.

  • Logitech Webcam: For use with Skype Video, a webcam (under $50) is all that is needed for good video quality. Some webcams also come with a headset.

Other Online Web Conferening Programs

Other free or low cost online web videoconferencing / meeting collaboration programs include: