MLA Annual Meeting CD-ROMs (2004-2009)

These CD-ROMs are ONLY available to staff of Network libraries within the NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region. Please return within 2 weeks of receipt. There is no charge to borrow these materials.  All CD-ROMs require at a minumum Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 and QuickTime 7. If you do not have these software programs, the installation programs for both are included on the CD-ROMs.  Each CD Set includes complete audio in both MP3 and Quicktime format as well as posters or presentations in PDF format.

How to Order

Check the box next to the CD-ROM set you would like to receive, then fill out the information requested below and submit.

NOTE: If you are unable to submit forms via the Web, print out a copy of this form, fill in the order/contact information, including LIBID, then fax or mail the form to the address provided at the end of this form.

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If ordering by mail, please send a copy of the order form, including this page and a self-addressed mailing label to:

NN/LM PSR/Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library
University of California, Los Angeles
12-077 Center for the Health Sciences
Box 951798
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1798

If ordering by fax, please fax all information to PSR at: (310)825-5389