Need an article?

There are several ways you can get a copy of an article you need. If you are affiliated with a health science library, check there first to ask about their document delivery services. Here are some other options for health professionals not affiliated with a library and for members of the general public.

Resource Libraries in the NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region

Many of the larger medical libraries in our region offer document delivery services to unaffiliated users. These libraries have large collections, and you may be able to place an order through PubMed. Contact the libraries directly for information on their policies and procedures.

Loansome Doc Libraries

Loansome Doc is a document delivery service offered by libraries that are part of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. You must first identify a library that offers Loansome Doc service and then call the library to register for the service. Then, when you are searching PubMed, you can order copies of articles through Loansome Doc.

More information is available in the Loansome Doc Fact Sheet.

Go to the Loansome Doc Login Screen to sign-up for Loansome Doc service.

You can also find libraries offering Loansome Doc service through the NN/LM Members Directory.

Commercial Document Delivery Services

Some commercial document delivery suppliers have agreements with the National Library of Medicine to link their document delivery services to PubMed. They also provide document delivery service outside of PubMed.