DOCLINE® is the National Library of Medicine's automated interlibrary loan request routing and referral system. The purpose of the system is to provide efficient document delivery service among libraries in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. Please feel free to contact NN/LM DOCLINE Coordination Office at (410) 706-4173 or via e-mail at

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Getting Started With DOCLINE

  1. Is your library eligible for DOCLINE? See the DOCLINE Eligibility Guidelines.
    Note: Commercial document delivery vendors are not eligible for participation in DOCLINE.
  2. DOCLINE participants must have a minimum of 25 current biomedical journals that can be loaned to other Network Members.
  3. If your library is not a member of the NN/LM, submit a New Member Application and indicate your interest in DOCLINE.
  4. Read the DOCLINE Fact Sheet.
  5. Read the NN/LM Resource Sharing Plan.
  6. Contact NN/LM DOCLINE Coordination Office to arrange for training: call (410) 706-4173 or e-mail
  7. Sign up for EFTS, DOCLINE's electronic billing system.
  8. Sign up for DOCLINE-L, the email discussion list for all DOCLINE libraries.
  9. Enter your serial holdings in DOCLINE.


  • Keep your DOCLINE institutional record up-to-date
  • Keep your serials holdings in DOCLINE up-to-date
  • Going on vacation? Set your library "Out of Office" when there is no staff available to fill lend requests.
  • Manage your copyright responsibilities
  • Refer to the DOCLINE Manual (Online Help)


Routing Tables

Serial Holdings

Technical Support