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DOCLINE & Other Document Delivery Questions from Network Members

As the RML for the Pacific Southwest Region, we receive a variety of interesting document delivery questions on a daily basis from our network members. We thought we’d share some of the questions we have received for the past few months and the answers we provided, in case others have been impacted.

Question: “What do I do if there is a change in status of my library, e.g., retirement, closure, etc.?”
Answer: Contact the RML to assist you in updating membership records, listservs and other databases.

Question: “It’s been awhile since I’ve processed any DOCLINE requests. Does the RML provide DOCLINE refresher courses?”
Answer: NN/LM PSR provides DOCLINE training sessions for beginners, as well as a refresher course on an as-needed basis.

Question: “Is there a way to delete my entire serial holdings without having to delete them individually?”
Answer: The RML can delete holdings for you.

Question: “What is FreeShare? How can I join this library group?”
Answer: FreeShare is a cross-regional DOCLINE Library Group whose members agree to fill DOCLINE requests for affiliated users free of charge on a reciprocal basis. The loan is totally free to the requesting library. If you wish to be added to this library group, please let us know!

Question: “How can I see a list of FreeShare libraries?”
Answer: Click the Institutions tab in DOCLINE and choose the More Search Options button. Select Library Group from the Search Field drop down menu & choose FreeShare from the list of library groups. Narrow your search by filtering for DOCLINE Participant, Full Member & Open Library. Then click Search.

Question: “I am receiving alerts that my QuickDoc portal license renewal was expiring. What do I do?”
Answer: All QuickDoc questions are handled by the New England Survey Systems (NESS). You can email or call (617)738-1800 for help.

Question: “I hear that EFTS virtually eliminates the need to create invoices and write checks for re-imbursement for interlibrary loans and document delivery. How do I join?”
Answer: The RML can walk you through the EFTS application process. A free membership and system features demo is also available on the EFTS website.

Question: “Is there a way I can view my requests from two months ago?”
Answer: DOCLINE keeps 150 days of borrowing and lending history. Go to the Status/Cancel function and simply choose the range of dates.

Question: “We are getting rid of a huge part of our print collection. Where can I donate these journals?”
Answer: Libraries that are weeding collections are encouraged to donate materials to the NLM Journal Donation Program.

Question: “I cannot access Outside Tool in my Library Submission Utility. I’ve forgotten my ID and password. How can I recover it?”
Answer: For assistance on recovering your Library Submission Utility login information, send an e-mail to the LinkOut team at

Question: “How do I join the Osteopathic library group in DOCLINE?”
Answer: This group is for osteopathic academic centers only. The RML can add you to the library group once it verifies the library’s eligibility.

Question: “How do I restrict my Loansome Doc service to affiliated users?”
Answer: The Loansome Doc Options page controls which user populations your library provides LD service and whether your library charges for the service. You can also enter comments about your institution’s Loansome Doc services. Go to Modifying your Loansome Doc service options for more information. If you require an authorization code for patron registration, go to Modifying your Loansome Doc registration options for instructions.

Question: “How do I discontinue Loansome Doc service?”
Answer: In the DOCLINE navigation bar, select the Institutions tab. Then, select Update [LIBID] and choose Loansome Doc. Under Loansome Doc Services, choose “No.” It’s also a good idea to contact your existing Loansome Doc patrons to let them know you no longer provide this service.

If you have any questions or need assistance with DOCLINE or other document delivery questions, don’t hesitate to contact the RML at 1-800-338-7657!

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