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2012-13 Express Outreach Awards Announced!

Six excellent applications were received in response to the 2012/13 Request for Proposals: Express Outreach/Training/Technology Awards; five of which were funded for a period of 12 months, beginning May 1, 2012. Funding amounts are all approximately $12,000. The projects strive to improve access to health information for health professionals and health consumers and to promote the awareness and use of products and services available from the NLM and the NN/LM. Target groups include K-12 instructors and students, health sciences librarians partnering with researchers, public libraries desiring emergency preparedness mini-conferences, community college health services and students, and clinical faculty involved with a Patient-Centered Family Health Clinic model of care.

Darlene Parker-Kelly, Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science, Health Sciences Library
Project Title: “A Pipeline Adventure: Charles R. Drew University (CDU) Saturday Science II and the CDU Health Sciences Library Exploring Health Information Resources”

The Saturday Science Academy II is one of the university’s oldest pipeline programs. For years it has been strengthening the math, science, and health education of K-12 students through more involved instruction and demonstrations by local teachers, parents, and faculty members. This project would supplement these activities, by providing training in using NLM resources to both instructors and students. The key tools that will be used are outlined in Resources for Teachers. Depending on the age group, featured NLM resources such as Tox Town, MedlinePlus, and the Visible Human Project would be introduced to the instructors of the Saturday Science Academy II, in order for them to use these materials with their students.

Lauren Maggio, Stanford University, Lane Medical Library
Project Title: “Health Professionals Information Use in Patient Care in Research-Rich Settings: Implications for Librarians, Health Professionals and Patient Care and Opportunities for Training”

This project is aimed at promoting awareness and use of the products and services of NLM and the NN/LM, namely PubMedCentral and its support of the NIH Open Access Policy. This project will create an evidence base for the NIH Open Access Policy, and will also strengthen the role of librarians in healthcare delivery, especially related to librarians instructing healthcare personnel on how to best utilize biomedical research, to exert their rights as publishing scientists, and to understand the limitations of point-of-care tools. The project will also involve creation and delivery of hands-on training for librarians, to empower them to partner with health personnel on these key issues. Three in-person training sessions are planned; one in Northern California, one in Southern California, and one additional site in the Pacific Southwest Region.

Paul B. Drake, University of Guam, Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Library
Project Title: “Outreach to Students Through College Health Services – Pacific Islanders pilots”

This project seeks to establish partnerships between college libraries and college health services for health outreach to Pacific Islander college students. The two entities are responsible for information (library) and health (student health services) resources and dissemination on a college campus. Personnel in both service areas would receive training, and work together to develop strategies and activities to inform and prepare students to develop their health literacy and make healthy lifestyle decisions. Participating colleges would be the the University of Guam and one to three other colleges on Guam, American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, or The Republic of Palau (all two year colleges).

Terry Henner, University of Nevada School of Medicine, Savitt Medical Library
Project Title: “Integrating Patient-Centered Health Information into the Patient Centered Medical Home”

This project involves creation of a multifaceted mechanism to facilitate patients’ use of information technology and encourage greater patient involvement in their own medical care. Building on the concept of the patient centered medical home (PCMH), the University of Nevada School of Medicine has launched an innovative clinical facility for improving primary care for Nevadans, the Patient Centered Family Medicine Clinic (PCFMC). Within this model of care, four specific aims are proposed: (1) the creation of a patient education web portal integrated in the PCMH clinical environment; (2) provision of tablet devices in examining rooms for clinician and patient use; (3) creation of an online educational resource to guide patients in the creation and use of personal health records; and (4) participation of on-call librarians to provide mediated virtual support to assist patients in using health information resources.

Naomi Broering, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
Project Title: “Community Mini-Conferences on Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Health Information”

This project involves a Community Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Health Information Outreach Program, in collaboration with the County of San Diego, Public Health Service (SDPHS), to conduct mini-conferences at local partnering sites. The six collaborating institutions include San Diego Public Library, San Diego County Library, Chula Vista Public Library, the AME Prince Chapel/Church, the La Jolla Community Center, and the PCOM/UCSD Integrative Medicine Group. Goals of the project are to conduct mini-conferences that promote access to disaster and emergency preparedness health information, and increase awareness and use of the National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) resources. Training opportunities will benefit emergency public health responders, health professionals, librarians, and the general public.

Congratulations to all of the awardees on their successful proposals!

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