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Contribute to PSR Outreach Connections!

Do you provide outreach that is not funded by the RML? Do you want an opportunity to show collective outreach activities beyond those funded by the RML? This is a chance to build on each other’s good works. PSR has set up a project called PSR Outreach Connections in which all Network members can participate. This open-ended project highlights training, demonstrations and presentations of PubMed, MedlinePlus and/or other NLM resources that PSR network members present to groups beyond the primary clientele of their library or information center.

For example, Barbara Bibel of Oakland Public Library and Ysabel Bertolucci of Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Oakland present workshops on MedlinePlus and other NLM resources to residents of Oakland, California. Naomi Broering of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego has presented posters based on her Express Outreach Award after it ended a few years ago. We would like to capture this information to reflect the activities going on in our Region even when they aren’t tied to specific funding events. We have created the PSR Outreach Connections in order to identify these kinds of activities. Some other examples are:

• presentations on consumer health including MedlinePlus to community or faith-based groups and organizations; or
• PubMed or MedlinePlus classes for health professionals who are not affiliated with one’s institution; or
• events at public libraries in the network member’s community; or
• consultations or site visits with consumer health groups or hospitals about implementing technology, planning outreach and/or providing consumer health services.

In addition to trainings and presentations, papers and posters that document these events are also eligible to be included! Think about the events for which you request promotional items from us. Is it for an in-house activity or a community event? PSR Outreach Connections is for outreach activities that are not covered by a current subcontract.

We invite you to submit your information on outreach events to us. The links to the Outreach Reporting Activity forms and instructions that we request that you complete are at the Subcontractors link. You can fill in the information and email or fax it to us. For more information, you can contact Kay Deeney, Educational Services Coordinator.

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