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PSRML Program Overview for 2011/2012

As a Regional Medical Library, it is our responsibility each year to communicate our objectives and activities to our members. We have developed the following three overarching objectives for the year:

1. Extending our reach by strengthening our communications strategies

Successful communication is critical to achieving the mission of the NN/LM. During this year, we plan to evaluate the content of our website, conduct a needs assessment of our members, expand Midday offerings, and update member information through our membership renewal drive.

2. Augment RML staff outreach efforts by encouraging outreach activities of Network members

Our training and funding programs are designed to support Network member engagement in a variety of outreach activities. We do this by supporting MLA webcasts, developing and offering training programs, providing promotional materials, providing funding support, and promoting grants from NLM and other funding agencies.

3. Enhancing the librarian’s role with electronic health records

The health care area is experiencing revolutionary change due to the adoption of electronic health records. The librarian who is involved with EHRs will need to increase expertise in evidence based information resources, increase technological skills, and understand NLM’s role in health information technology and health data standards. We will provide programming in these and other areas relating to EHRs and health information exchange. As part of this, we will actively promote MedlinePlus Connect and will work with Network members to promote MedlinePlus Connect in their hospitals.

In addition, we developed a series of detailed activities in the proposal we submitted to the National Library of Medicine as part of our contract renewal. These activities are organized according to the Statement of Work that NLM issued as part of the proposal process. You will find the complete list of activities for 2011/2012 in the document, Program Overview: Year 1, which is located on the About PSR section of our website.

We look forward to any questions or comments you might have on the objectives above or any of the activities in the Program Overview document. Please feel free to send your comments to me at

Note: Previous articles about the RML program include What’s New in the RML Contract? and Resource Sharing in the New NN/LM Contract for 2011 – 2016.

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