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Resource Sharing in the New NN/LM Contract for 2011-2016

We have posted the new National Network of Libraries of Medicine Resource Sharing Plan for 2011-2016, which provides policy and guidance for the future. The network of DOCLINE libraries continues to provide essential resource sharing services for the benefit of health professionals and consumers throughout the U.S.

Although essentially the same, there are a few changes that you will see in the future:

  • DOCLINE libraries will participate selectively in a program for the retention and preservation of print serials and monographs. This effort will start with Resource Libraries and RMLs, and we will be publicizing more on this in the future.
  • Libraries that are weeding collections are encouraged to donate materials to NLM’s Journal Donation Program.
  • There no longer is a National Maximum charge that governs what Resource Libraries can charge for filling DOCLINE requests. All libraries should remember that interlibrary loan is based on the principle of “fair use,” and while libraries can cover their costs, it is against fair use to earn a profit from interlibrary loan. Please contact our office if you have questions or concerns.
  • If a library has been downsized or is otherwise unable to supply materials to other libraries, we have a new procedure in the Pacific Southwest to enable that library to continue to request materials as long as the library borrows only from PSR Resource Libraries, and is a participant in good standing with EFTS. Contact our office if this situation applies to your library.
  • The RML will provide assistance to PSR DOCLINE libraries in the event of a disaster. If your library is unable to function, or if you know of a library that is unable to function, please contact our office. We can place the library on inactive status and provide other assistance.

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