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Membership Changes: Comings and Goings

We welcome our new members! The following libraries have joined the National Network since March 1, 2007.

Affiliate Members

  1. Asian Healthcare Institute
    San Francisco, CA
    NN/LM Liaison: Diana Lau
  2. Cancer Center of Santa Barbara
    Santa Barbara, CA
    NN/LM Liaison: Sam Howland
  3. East Palo Alto Library
    East Palo Alto, CA
    NN/LM Liaison: Greg Bodin
  4. Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation
    Panorama City, CA
    NN/LM Liaison: Shaheen Lakhan
  5. Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
    Menlo Park, CA
    NN/LM Liaison: Heidi Hisey
  6. L.A. Care Health Plan
    Los Angeles, CA
    NN/LM Liaisons: Beverly Treumann, Jennifer Cho
  7. Pima County Public Library
    Tucson, AZ
    NN/LM Liaison: Cathy Jacobus
  8. Santa Cruz Public Library
    Santa Cruz, CA
    NN/LM Liaison: Pat Lorenzo

Full Members

  1. Las Vegas College
    Henderson, NV
    NN/LM Liaison: Paolina Taglienti
  2. Pacific Biotechnology
    San Diego, CA
    NN/LM Liaison: Kim Akalski
  3. Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific
    Honolulu, HI
    NN/LM Liaison: Chris Sato
  4. West Coast University Library
    Los Angeles, CA
    NN/LM Liaison: Kathleen Stuart

Closed Libraries

The following libraries have closed. Please remove them from your routing tables. While removing these libraries, check your routing tables for other libraries labelled “Closed” or “Not a DOCLINE Library”. (Do not remove libraries that are listed as “Inactive”; they are most likely on vacation.)

  1. Fountain Valley Regional Medical Center
    Medical Library (CAUFVC)
    Closed May 2007
  2. Weed U.S. Army Community Hospital
    Medical Library (CAUWEE)
    Closed September 2007

If you know of libraries or information centers that would benefit from joining the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, please refer them to our web page on Network membership or ask them to contact Julie Kwan at (310) 825-5342.

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