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DOCLINE Tip of the Month: E-Pub Ahead of Print

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What is e-pub ahead of print? It means that the article is being listed electronically on the publisher’s web site in advance of the journal release. It may not be available to your library until the print version of the journal is published. Borrowers in DOCLINE requesting e-pub ahead of print material should remember to choose “Electronic” under “Fill from Physical Format” on the Delivery and Routing portion of the Routing Instructions screen. DOCLINE will automatically default requests to “fill from electronic format” for Epub ahead of print articles if every article on the DOCLINE Citation page is Epub ahead of print. If multiple articles are requested at once with a mix of epub and non-epub status, DOCLINE will default to fill from “Any format” for all citations. The NLM DOCLINE team recommends ordering epub ahead of print citations together in a batch to optimize the routing of the requests.

Lenders in DOCLINE may receive requests for e-pub ahead of print articles but may not be able to fill them. Those who subscribe to the electronic copy but whose license prohibits interlibrary loan for the specific request due to a condition of the license agreement (e.g., delivery method, time embargo, etc.), should update the request as Not Filled for the reason “LIC – License Restriction.” In other words, use LIC in those cases where you would have been able to provide ILL from a subscription under copyright law, but not under your publisher’s license restrictions. The rejection reason of “Lacking” indicates that the title is owned, but the lender is missing the requested issue. Lacking should only be used when missing back issues, and not the latest issue(s). If you only subscribe to the print copy and have not yet received the issue being requested, you should update the request as Not Filled for the reason “NYR – Not Yet Received.”

Make sure to update DOCLINE with the most accurate rejection reason. The NLM DOCLINE team reviews the system-wide statistics to help determine what is working in the system, and what areas may benefit from changes. For a list of definitions for all rejection reasons, see the DOCLINE Online Help and search for “rejection reasons.” You can also go to the DOCLINE FAQ page.

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