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August 2013 Updates to REMM and Mobile REMM

Mobile REMM screenshotMajor new versions of the REMM website and Mobile REMM apps have been released. Key changes include:

  • New multimedia in the REMM Multimedia Library
    • Incident timeline
    • Recovery Phase Continuum Timeline
    • Transportation incidents involving radioactive material (3 new US DOT videos), including decontamination techniques
    • Shrinking fallout zones after an IND detonation Watch video
    • Sheltering: Selecting a safe room after an IND detonation
    • Lethality and radiation dose: LD 50/60
    • Hospital Approach to patients Presenting after a Nuclear Detonation
    • Link to all videos on REMM
    • Graphic Showing Radiation Effect on Neutrophils
  • Update to the Isotopes of Interest table
  • Other Audiences section has 2 new groups: Public Health Emergency Researchers and Medical Examiners / Coroners
  • New pages on REMM: Collection of data: prototypes of forms for radiation safety and medical data tracking, and Describing an Incident: Definition, Severity, Phases, Timeline
  • Significant updates to key pages
    • Nuclear Detonation: Weapons, INDs
    • Transportation Incidents
    • Triage Guidelines
    • Nuclear Power Plant and Reactor Incidents: new page title and new content
    • Burn Triage and Treatment: Thermal Injuries
    • Strategic National Stockpile
    • Planners: Preparedness and Response
    • Public Information Officers
    • Training and Education: Educational Competencies for Health Care Professionals
  • Updated Prototype for Medical Orders
  • Updated fever and neutropenia information
  • REMM YouTube Channel updated
  • Improved REMM bibliography

Coming soon in October 2013 are complete redesigns of the interactive tool Managing ARS and of Mobile REMM app for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry!

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