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DOCLINE Version 4.9.2 Released!

On February 21st, NLM released a minor update to DOCLINE. This maintenance increased the length of the citation, article author, and article title fields on the DOCLINE receipt. The article author and title fields were increased to 60 characters, while the citation field was increased to 100 characters, to allow for the increasingly long citations in PubMed. There are no changes to the PubMed interface or request functionality.

Action item for Lenders: The combination of a long citation and the borrower’s comments field, as well as document delivery addresses, may cause the receipt to print on two pages depending on your browser settings. If you encounter requests that print on two pages, please see the FAQ on “How do I prevent Receipts from printing on two pages?

Action item for Borrowers: Review the “Comments to Lenders” field of your DOCLINE record to ensure they contain only unique information necessary for lenders. Remove any duplicate information that may be displayed automatically on the receipt. This is also a good time to review your DOCLINE Options, Borrowing Preferences, document delivery addresses, and library group memberships. See the DOCLINE FAQ page about reviewing your Institution record. Feel free to contact your RML at 1-800-338-7657 for any questions or assistance.

The release of a new version of DOCLINE occasionally reveals problems with a user’s browser settings. If you are experiencing a problem in DOCLINE, first check your browser settings and then also clear your browser cache. If the browser settings are correct and you have cleared your cache, complete the “Report a Problem” form found under “Contact Us” in DOCLINE. The form gathers information that is useful to NLM in investigating the issue.

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