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Archive for January, 2013

NIH Announces Release of the Public Access Compliance Monitor!

NIH has announced the release of the Public Access Compliance Monitor, a web-based tool that institutions can use to track compliance of publications that fall under the NIH Public Access Policy. According to NIH, “By providing efficient and flexible methods for retrieving, viewing, and organizing public access compliance information, the compliance monitor supports the efforts of grantee organizations to ensure their awards are compliant.” The Public Access Compliance Monitor provides the current compliance status of all journal articles that NIH believes a particular grantee institution is responsible for under the terms of the Public Access Policy. In addition to classifying articles according to compliance status, the compliance monitor provides detailed information about each article, including a full citation; associated grants and program directors/principal investigators (PDs/PIs); the PubMed ID and related IDs where available; and a link to the PubMed record. Institutions can also track the status of papers deposited into the NIH Manuscript Submission (NIHMS) system.

To gain access to the Public Access Compliance Monitor, institutions must first assign a “PACR” role to one or more individuals in their organization. This can be done by any institutional administrator who is authorized to assign roles in the eRA Commons grants administration system. Reports within the compliance monitor are organized by IPF (Institutional Profile File) number, the unique ID assigned to each grantee organization. Therefore, institutions with multiple IPF numbers must assign a PACR role to someone (even if it is the same person) for each IPF that they plan to monitor. For more information about accessing and using the Public Access Compliance Monitor, refer to the User Guide.

NIAMS National Multicultural Outreach Initiative

Cover of A Year of Health: A Guide to a Healthy 2013 for You and Your FamilyThe National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has launched a multicultural outreach initiative to raise awareness about the availability of NIH and other Federal resources to help people with diseases and conditions of the bones, joints, muscles and skin. NIAMS is a reliable resource for patients, family members, health professionals, and others in search of meaningful, relevant and science-based health information about bones, joints, muscles and skin. The initiative also aims to emphasize research as the foundation for progress, and to support and involve organizations in multicultural outreach. Through the Initiative, NIAMS is working with national partners to develop and disseminate culturally appropriate messages and materials in the areas of bones, joints, muscles and skin for racial, ethnic and underserved populations.

NIAMS has created a series of health planners—titled A Year of Health—that provide health tips and information about staying healthy and managing conditions of the bones, joints, muscles and skin. The four planners, created with community input, are tailored for the following audiences:

Additionally, to support your library’s outreach efforts, NIAMS has created an electronic toolkit to help you and your organization prepare your planner distribution strategies. The materials include:

  • Resources for conducting outreach
  • Electronic versions of the four health planners
  • A sticker template to customize the planners with your organization’s contact information
  • An image gallery of multicultural photos to tailor materials for your organization’s community

To order A Year of Health planners, call the NIAMS toll free at 877–226–4267 (TTY: 301–565–2966) or email at Orders are limited to addresses in the United States and its territories.

January NIH News in Health – Winter blues, radon risks, trust rises with age, salivary gland gene therapy and more!

Illustration of a man and woman ice skating.Check out the January issue of NIH News in Health, the monthly newsletter bringing you practical health news and tips based on the latest NIH research. In this edition:

Beat the Winter Blues: Shedding Light on Seasonal Sadness
As the days get shorter, many people find themselves feeling sad. What is it about the darkening days that can leave us down in the dumps? And what can we do about it?

Radon Risk: Its Perils Can be Prevented
If you’re buying a new home, you may need to test it for radon. Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas. You might not be able to see or smell radon, but it can still harm you—slowly, and in ways that you can’t detect.

Health Capsules:

Major New Versions of REMM Web Site and Mobile REMM App Released!

In December, 2012, NLM’s Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS) released a major update for the Radiation Emergency Medical Management (REMM) tool. REMM provides guidance for health care providers about the clinical diagnosis and treatment of radiation injury during radiological or nuclear emergencies. It is web-based, but also downloadable to your Windows or Mac, and key information is also available on the mobile apps for Android, iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad & BlackBerry. Key changes are noted below. Many more updates and changes appear throughout REMM. You are strongly encouraged to update any versions of REMM you have previously downloaded to your computer, USB drive, or mobile device.

  1. Creation of REMM Multimedia Library
    • Display of REMM multimedia items in carousel format
    • Items accessible by content category
    • New videos, illustrations, pictures, tables
  2. REMM YouTube channel: 4 new videos uploaded
  3. Improved REMM bibliography
    • New table of contents improves access to listings
    • Many new references and topics
  4. Updated Prototype for Medical Orders
    • Now includes Pediatric information
    • Updated information in many sections, including use of anti-microbial drugs
  5. New sections for “Other Audiences”
  6. Updates to key pages
  7. Print output from Dose Estimator for Lymphocyte Depletion Kinetics and Time to Onset of Vomiting
  8. Improved right navigation panel for accessing key items

New Features on Mobile REMM

  1. Interactive tool for radiation unit conversions, e.g. curie to becquerel, rad to gray
  2. Updates to Emergency Contacts

Most Visited MedlinePlus Health Topics in 2012! offers over 900 Health Topic pages covering a myriad of diseases, illnesses, health conditions, and wellness issues. Millions of users visited MedlinePlus Health Topic pages in 2012. Which were the most visited? Take a look at the list of “Top 10 Most Visited MedlinePlus Health Topics of 2012”: