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Women’s Health: Learn About Your Body in 52 Weeks

Screenshot of 52 Weeks for Women's Health52 Weeks for Women’s Health, a new app for iOS and Android that offers women access to a year’s worth of practical health information, highlighted week-by-week, is now available. The app is based on the popular Primer for Women’s Health: Learn about Your Body in 52 Weeks, published by the Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH) at the National Institutes of Health.

The easy-to-use mobile app can help women identify health risks for themselves and their families, and can help them create and maintain healthy lifestyles throughout their lives. Questions to ask health care providers, a glossary of health terms, health screening information, and links to additional information from NIH institutes and centers expand the mobile app’s offerings. Key features of the app are:

  • a personal health section for recording medications, medical conditions, and disabilities
  • a journal feature
  • a personal goal-setting section for health and lifestyle details

A variety of different skins can be applied to personalize the app, and it can be password-protected to help ensure health information remains confidential. Content is also accessible without the use of a handheld device, at the Primer for Women’s Health: Learn about Your Body in 52 Weeks website. In the near future, NIH will launch an app for men’s health with similar features. 52 Weeks for Women’s Health can be downloaded for free through iTunes and Google Play.

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