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Archive for July, 2012

How to Ignite Your Presentation: American Evaluation Association Training Webinar

On July 27, 2012, Stephanie Evergreen, eLearning Initiatives Director for the American Evaluation Association (AEA), gave a half-hour webinar about the Ignite approach to giving presentations. This approach involves a five-minute presentation, based on 20 slides, that are each shown for 15 seconds. The American Evaluation Association, which is conducting a “Potent Presentations” initiative to help its members improve their reporting skills, has made the recording and slides for this great presentation available in its free AEA Public Library.

In her short, practical webinar, Stephanie demonstrated the Ignite approach with a great presentation about “Chart Junk Extraction,” with valuable tips for creating streamlined, readable charts with maximized visual impact. Spend an enjoyable and enlightening few minutes viewing the fast-paced and interesting Light Your Ignite Training Webinar. You can even learn how to set your PowerPoint timer to move forward automatically every 15 seconds to practice your Igniting!

PubMed for Handhelds App Available!

PubMed for Handhelds (PubMed4Hh) app is now available for free in the iTunes store.

This is an alternative to saving the PubMed for Handhelds web site as a mobile site. Remember to check out the NLM Gallery of Mobile Apps and Sites to see what’s newly listed!

2012 Call for Proposals: Center for Sharing Public Health Services

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is seeking proposals for two-year grants of up to $125,000 for up to 24 months, for as many as 18 teams of public health officials, policymakers, and other stakeholders, that are exploring, implementing and/or improving cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) arrangements between two or more public health agencies, to participate in the Shared Services Learning Community. As communities face new challenges, like the increasing burden of chronic disease and lean fiscal environments, and new opportunities like advances in technology, many public health officials and policy-makers are exploring ways to organize and structure the management and delivery of public health services. The idea at the heart of cross-jurisdictional sharing is the process of reaching across administrative boundaries to share resources, work and results across multiple public health agencies and jurisdictions. The Shared Services Learning Community will foster a peer learning environment among teams that are taking a systematic approach to CJS arrangements, to achieve the dual goals of greater efficiency and enhanced public health capacity.

The complete Call for Proposals, including full eligibility and selection criteria, and detailed application instructions, is available on the RWJF web site. Applications must be submitted online by the deadline of Wednesday, August 29, 2012. Teams must choose a leading organization to serve as the grant recipient; which could be a state or local government agency, tribal group recognized by the US federal government, or a nonprofit tax-exempt organization. Funding decisions will be made in November, 2012. Also available are presentation slides from an optional informational applicant webinar, held on June 26, 2012.

DOCLINE Quarterly and Yearly Statistical Reports Now Available!

NLM has released the following DOCLINE quarterly statistical reports for April-June 2012:

  • Summary DOCLINE Borrower Statistics (Reports 1-1A, 1-11A, 1-1AT)
  • Summary DOCLINE Lender Statistics (Report 1-1B)
  • Detailed DOCLINE Borrower Statistics (Reports 1-2A, 1-22A)
  • Detailed DOCLINE Lender Statistics (Report 1-2B)
  • Resource Library Quarterly Report – Fill Rate (Report 2-14)
  • Loansome Doc Detailed Lender Statistics (Report 5-1A)
  • Loansome Doc Throughput Report (Report 5-1B)

NLM has also released the following DOCLINE yearly statistical reports for July 2011 – June 2012:

  • Ranked List of Serial Titles – Borrower (Report 1-8A)
  • Ranked List of Serial Titles – Lender (Report 1-8C)

Please note: Reports 1-11A, 1-1AT and 1-22A are only distributed to libraries that have entered requests in DOCLINE for other libraries. Report 2-14 is only distributed to resource libraries.

DOCLINE statistical reports are available by going to Requests, then Reports in the DOCLINE menu. Instructions for downloading and printing reports may be found in the Reports section of DOCLINE’s FAQ page.

Mobile Guide to NLM Mobile Apps and Sites!

NLM Mobile Apps and SitesThe National Library of Medicine (NLM) has released a new mobile website that is intended to serve as the authoritative guide to NLM mobile resources. This website will improve your ability to find and use NLM mobile apps and sites. This HTML 5 mobile website is available in web browsers on many mobile devices. Information on all NLM mobile resources will be available through this website. To explore the website, visit on a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, Android smart phone, Blackberry, or Microsoft phone. The entry for each resource will include a brief description, descriptive tag(s), image, and a link to install the app or launch the web site. Additional information is available in the NLM Technical Bulletin. NLM welcomes your feedback about this new service. You can either Contact NLM with feedback, or use the “Contact Us” link in the footer of the app.

3rd Annual Health Literacy Innovator Award Contest Launched

Health Literacy Innovations (HLI), creator of the Health Literacy Advisor (HLA), the nation’s first interactive health literacy software tool (in English and Spanish), has announced its 3rd annual Health Literacy Innovators Award contest. The contest, a national competition to reward innovators in health literacy, seeks the nation’s best health literacy practices in print, in practice, and in the media. It is open to any company, organization or individual that can demonstrate excellence in health literacy in one of the three contest categories. Contest winners, one per category, receive three annual licenses of the Health Literacy Advisor. The application deadline is August 31st, 2012. Information on contest rules and application forms is available on the web site.

Health Literacy Innovations creates tools to help eliminate medical mistakes and confusion due to low health literacy. HLI’s flagship product, the Health Literacy Advisor™ (in Spanish–Asesor de Comunicación en Salud™) is the nation’s first, only, and most powerful health literacy software tool. As a “health literacy checker,” the HLA streamlines the review and simplification process by allowing users to assess the readability of their documents and then make adjustments using plain language principles. The HLA applies nine well-known readability indices in English and six indices in Spanish, and an interactive search-and-replace function to eliminate hard-to-read terms and phrases and medical jargon with plain language alternatives. The combination of these two functions, a document “grade” with a readability score/grade level, and the ReadsEasy™ stamp (a reward for good work) sets the HLA software apart from programs or readability indices alone.

Midday at the Oasis and MLA CE Credit!

MLA Continuing Education credit is now available for our monthly Midday at the Oasis sessions! You need to register ahead of time in order to receive the credit. The usual place to register is linked on the Training and Exhibit Calendar or on the Midday listing. One hour of MLA CE credit will be awarded for the Midday sessions.

The July 18th talk is:

Presentation Title: Results Reporting, Unique Evidence, and Evolving Policy
Presenter: Stephen Kiyoi
Description:, the second most heavily visited resource from the National Library of Medicine, now provides access to over 6,000 study results, many of which have not been published in the research literature. Learn more about recent and upcoming legislation governing results reporting, how to promote results reporting to clinical researchers at your institution, and how to search as a unique source of evidence for systematic reviews.

Register and join us at 1-2PM (Pacific) | 10-11AM (Hawaii) | 1-2PM (Arizona) | 9-10AM (American Samoa) | 6-7AM Thursday (Guam) for Midday at the Oasis!

UK PubMed Central Update

The European Research Council (ERC) announced today that it will participate in the UK PubMed Central (UKPMC) open access repository service, joining 18 existing UK and European funders. The ERC becomes the third European funder to join UKPMC, following Telethon Italy and the Austrian Research Fund.

As a result of this participation, the existing funders have agreed that the service will be rebranded as ‘Europe PubMed Central’ (Europe PMC) by November 1, 2012. A key aim of this initiative is to extend the repository further and encourage other European funders of life sciences research to make the outputs of the research they fund freely available through Europe PMC.

For more information see the announcement from the Wellcome Trust. NLM’s PMC team deserves a lot of credit for UKPMC to expand like this. It speaks to both the quality of the underlying software and the manner in which PMC has worked with the partner sites to ensure their integrity.

New Features for My Bibliography and eRA Commons Users!

The My Bibliography Award View display, a tool developed by NCBI to assist eRA Commons users to comply with the NIH Public Access policy and associate their publications to NIH awards, will be enhanced in the following three ways:

  • eRA Commons account holders will be able to associate any grant with citations in their My Bibliography collection, and they will be able to search for awards with the assistance of auto-complete;
  • eRA users’ My Bibliography collection will be automatically updated to include citations that have been associated to the grants awarded to them;
  • New filter options will be added for paper-grant associations.

Complete details, with associated screen shots, are published in the NLM Technical Bulletin.

New NLM Chief of International Programs: Dan Gerendasy

NLM is pleased to announce its new Chief of International Programs, Dan Gerendasy, Ph.D. Dan comes to NLM from the NIH Center for Scientific Review (CSR), where for the last eight years his responsibilities as a Scientific Review Officer included leading reviews of major international and global health research projects and training programs. His award-winning efforts in international and global health are wide ranging and include service as CSR’s representative to the NIH International Representatives Forum, frequent briefings of foreign delegations on the peer review process at NIH, service on an Institute of Medicine working group on global health, coordination for the Director of CSR of international visits and visitors, and leadership of NIH committees and work groups focusing on global health. Dan is particularly interested in scientific capacity building in developing countries.

Trained as a molecular biologist, Dan received a BA in biology from Grinnell College, an MS in biochemistry from Northwestern University, and a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Arizona. His NIH-funded research program focused on molecular mechanisms of changes in synaptic function. Dan spent twelve years at the Scripps Research Institute starting as a postdoctoral fellow and leaving as Assistant Professor, before moving to the SUNY Health Science Center at Stony Brook, and then to NIH.