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Versioning in PubMed

PubMed now supports versioned citations. Revisions, scientific updates, and updates of reviews are examples of content that could be versioned. Versions are not intended for correcting specific errors in an article, for which published errata notices should continue to be used.

How Will Versions Be Identified?
The PMID of a versioned citation will remain constant while each version will have a unique version number assigned by PubMed. The combination of PMID and version number in the format PMID.version will be a unique identifier. All citations not versioned will be considered version 1. There may be occasions when a specific version will be deleted. In these cases, the version number assigned to the deleted version will be skipped, and the next version of the citation will be assigned the following number. Version numbers will not be reused.

Display of Versioned Citations in PubMed
Version information is noted on the Summary, Summary (text), Abstract, and Abstract (text), displays. On the Summary display, the version number is located before the journal title abbreviation. The article’s original publication date is retained, and the version publication date is enclosed in square brackets. The Summary (text) display has a similar format. The Abstract display also indicates the version number and version publication date. Users can easily access prior versions of the citation by clicking on the “Other versions” link. A menu will appear listing all versions with the corresponding publication date. The version currently being viewed is in grey text and is not a link. All other available versions are links that will take the user to the Abstract display for that version. The Abstract (text) display shows the version number and version publication date.

Summary display of a versioned citation

For more information, please read the NLM Technical Bulletin.

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