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NLM Funding Opportunity: Disaster Health Information Outreach and Collaboration Projects

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) announces a new funding opportunity for small pilot projects to improve access to disaster medicine and public health information for health care professionals, first responders and others that play a role in health-related disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

NLM is soliciting proposals from partnerships that include at least one library and at least one non-library organization that has disaster-related responsibilities, such as a hospital, volunteer organization, public health department, public safety department, fire/rescue, or other local, regional or state agency. NLM encourages submission of innovative proposals that enhance mutually beneficial collaboration among libraries and disaster-related agencies. For example, projects may increase awareness of health information resources, demonstrate how libraries and librarians can assist planners and responders with disaster-related information needs, show ways in which disaster workers can educate librarians about disaster management, and/or include collaboration among partners in developing information resources that support planning and response to public health emergencies.

Contract awards will be offered for a minimum of $15,000 to a maximum of $30,000 each for a one-year project.

8/10/11 Note: It has been brought to my attention that there was a discrepancy between the funding amounts listed on the DIMRC webpage and the FedBizOpps solicitation notice. The correct funding amount is “minimum of $15,000 to a maximum of $30,000”. The FedBizOpps solicitation notice has been amended to reflect this amount.

The deadline for proposals is Wednesday, August 31, 2011. Proposals are limited to six pages plus supplemental materials such as resumes, letters of support, and a budget.

8/31/11 Note: The proposal due date has been extended. Electronic proposals will be accepted through September 6, 2011 no later than 3:00pm EST. All electronic proposals must be sent to

For more information and instructions, please visit Disaster Health Information Outreach and Collaboration Project 2011 (NLM-011-130-KDB) webpage or the solicitation notice on

The National Library of Medicine is the world’s largest biomedical library and provides extensive online health information resources. Visit the NLM Disaster Information Management Research Center site to learn more about disaster-related health information from WISER (hazardous materials information for emergency responders), REMM-Radiation Emergency Medical Management, CHEMM-Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management, and other resources.

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