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New Database Launched for Health Research Funding!

The National Health Council (NHC), with input from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has developed HealthResearchFunding.Org, a new initiative launched in February, 2011, designed to bring together researchers and potential funding organizations. The goal of the database is to promote solutions to health care concerns faced by more than 133 million Americans living with chronic diseases and disabilities, and their caregivers.

The NIH receives more than 50,000 grant applications per year, which are then peer reviewed, and about half are deemed scientifically meritorious and worthy of funding. Of these, fewer than half actually receive funding. By using this new resource, potential research supporters both within and outside the NHC community can more efficiently identify and evaluate NIH-reviewed research proposals. In turn, research institutions can spend less time and effort looking for financial support, and more time developing new treatments for patients. And investigators who have developed specific research proposals gain a broad audience of potential funding sources from the nonprofit sector.

The process works by invitation of researchers with proposals that have been reviewed by the NIH or by an NHC member patient advocacy organization to register with the web site and submit an abstract. This gives researchers the ability to search for organizations that fund research. NHC member organizations are able to search for research proposals, individual researchers, or other funding organizations. The site will eventually expand to include corporations and private investors.

The National Health Council is composed of more than 100 health-related organizations and businesses, about 50 of which include the nation’s leading patient advocacy groups. Examples of member organizations include the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, and the March of Dimes. NHC member organizations may add their own requests for research proposals to the database, and seek possible funding collaboration with other organizations.

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