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Archive for 2009

PowerPoint(less) Alternatives on the Web

Are you still using PowerPoint for your teaching? Kay Deeney recently attended the Annual Distance Teaching & Learning Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. One of the interesting talks was on Presentation Blogs by Ray Schroeder and Carrie Levin from the University of Illinois at Springfield. They used their blog, Power Point(less) Alternatives to demonstrate how to give a presentation via a blog. They also highlighted social networking sites such as NING as another alternative to PowerPoint. The speakers felt that blogs allow interaction through comments; facilitate hyperlinks; and provide a lasting and evolving resource to a topic via RSS feeds on the sidebar. See for more information and other links to interesting teaching ideas from these two!

E-licensing offers — what’s been happening?

We have a new web page that lists the e-licensing offers that SCELC has negotiated for the NN/LM PSR E-Licensing Program. This page is available on our web site at To navigate there from our home page, click on Member Services, then Licensing Electronic Resources. This brief listing includes the date of the initial offer as well as the deadline to participate. The most current offers are listed first.

MedlinePlus on Twitter

We are happy to announce that MedlinePlus has launched a Twitter feed! You can find the link on the home page in the lower right hand column. 

The new feed is called medlineplus4you.  When you get a chance, take a look at the other feeds that medlineplus4you follows; there are a number of feeds from other organizations that you might find useful.  For instance, one of the links is to LungAssociation from the American Lung Association, which currently has excellent references to information about air quality and wildfires.  Another is ReadydotGov, the Twitter feed for FEMA website for personal emergency preparedness.

100 Best Twitter Feeds for Librarians

If you’ve been wondering how to find librarians who share valuable information on Twitter, take a look at the “100 Best Twitter Feeds for Librarians” post at

This page lists the kind of information you can expect to find from the librarian’s Twitter page. Note that you don’t have to join Twitter to access other librarian’s Twitter pages; just click on the link in the article.

Buzzword: New Online Collaborative Document Tool

Adobe has released the beta version of Buzzword, a new online collaborative document tool and word processing program. With Buzzword, you can create, edit, and share documents with groups of people. Buzzword keeps a history of changes to the document, and allows you to export and import content from other programs.

Buzzword is a free service. I found the interface very easy to use and responsive to my actions. The export to Microsoft Word produced a document with the same formatting as I had created in Buzzword.

Buzzword can be accessed at You may also wish to view a YouTube tutorial on Buzzword’s features at

PubMed Redesign Preview

At our August 11 “Midday at the Oasis”, David Gillikin of NLM reprised his 2009 MLA presentation – a preview of the upcoming PubMed redesign – giving additional Network members in the region a glimpse of what PubMed will look like in the near future. You can view the slides, read the Q & A generated from the discussion following the presentation, and link to a recording of the session at our Midday archives page:  Also, a brief article about the redesign can be found in the NLM Tech Bulletin (2009 May-Jun;(368):e9) at:

DOCLINE Support for Internet Explorer 6 ends on August 31, 2009

Are you still using IE 6? If so, it’s time to upgrade! NLM supports only the two major versions of Internet Explorer. Now that they support IE 8, they will stop support for IE 6. You can still use older versions, but NLM will not be able to trouble shoot problems if you are using an older browser.

How do you know which version you are using?

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. In the menu bar, click on “Help”.
  3. Click on “About Internet Explorer” which opens a new dialogue box that includes information about which version of IE you have.

NRHA Quality and Clinical Conference handouts

Last week, I attended the National Rural Health Association Quality and Clinical Conference. The NRHA has made the handouts from the conference available at Topics include electronic health records, telemedicine, and models for rural health care.

Telemedicine Using Remote Presence Robots

Last week, I attended the National Rural Health Association (NRHA) Quality and Clinical Conference in Park City, UT. At the conference, Doug Romer, Executive Director-Patient Care Services at Grande Ronde Hospital in LaGrande, OR, gave a fascinating talk and demonstration of the “remote presence” telemedicine services provided by the hospital in conjunction with various partners.

The hospital uses an inTouch RP7 robot that can be controlled remotely by physicians not located at the hospital. The robot has a monitor, camera and audio system so that the patients and remote physician can see and hear each other.

At the conference, Mr. Romer conducted a live demo of the system using the hotel’s wireless Internet access — participants were able to communicate with a patient undergoing an ultrasound and see the results of the ultrasound live. We were instructed that the patient did not want to know the sex of the baby, so to please not reveal that information when we saw the ultrasound!

To see the system in action, view the video the hospital has made available on this page:

TwitCam: Live Video for Twitter

TwitCam ( is a new free service that allows you to stream live video to your Twitter followers. You must have a Twitter account to use TwitCam.

TwitCam posts a video description and link for your Twitter followers to find your video. When you are broadcasting from your camera, you can chat with your Twitter followers directly from the broadcast page. You can also record an archive of the broadcast.

Although this is intended for live broadcast to an audience, it could also be used to create a promotional or informational video that you want others to view asynchronously.

At the moment the service has a lot of test videos as examples. It will be interesting to see the videos that are created as the service grows!