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Members of the Network of the National Library of Medicine provide health professionals and consumers with access to health information resources and services. We welcome libraries, information centers, and others who provide access to health information for both health professionals and the general public.

Membership in the NNLM is free of charge.

Who are Network Members?

Over 600 libraries and organizations are part of the NNLM Pacific Southwest Region.

The Pacific Southwest Region of the Network of the National Library of Medicine includes libraries and information centers in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and the U.S. Territories in the Pacific Basin. Network members include:

  • The Regional Medical Library - The UCLA Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library serves as the Regional Medical Library for the Pacific Southwest Region. RML staff assists the National Library of Medicine in developing, marketing, and distributing its products and services and coordinates the operation of the regional network of libraries to carry out programs cooperatively. We also provide NLM with feedback on how information is being used, suggestions for improvements to existing products and services, and new ideas for products and services. In all of these areas, we strive to involve other Network libraries and to design programs to facilitate communication at all levels of the Network.
  • Resource Libraries - The Resource Libraries of the Pacific Southwest Region are the large academic libraries in the region. The Resource Libraries play key roles in their states and/or regions, not only in document delivery and resource sharing, but in developing and managing outreach programs. Resource Libraries typically provide a variety of services to communities outside of their primary clientele.
  • Hospital and Health Sciences Libraries - Hospital libraries and health sciences libraries generally represent the health professional's first point of access into the Network. These libraries serve health professionals who plan, manage, and provide health care as well as teachers and students in these areas.
  • Public Libraries - Public libraries exist in urban, suburban and rural neighborhoods and play a vital role in advancing the health and health literacy of members in their communities. They provide free access to computers and internet services which allow access to online health information. Many public libraries offer health and wellness-related programming and outreach for their communities.
  • State Libraries - As organizations devoted to providing resources and services for libraries, a natural synergy exists between State Libraries and NNLM. These partnerships enhance services and expand our reach through aligned goals and priorities, funding opportunities, and other areas for collaboration.
  • Other Members - There are many other types of libraries and information centers included in the Network. Their communities extend beyond health professionals to anyone who has a need for health information. They include community college libraries, public health organizations, community-based organizations, K-12 libraries, library consortiums, advocacy groups, correctional facilities, corporate libraries, state libraries, and zoological associations.

Membership Requirements

We welcome any library or information center that promotes health information, education and/or access that:

  • Provides information services to health professionals and/or to the general public,
  • Is staffed, and
  • Has an internet connection.

Benefits of Network Membership

Each network member will receive:

Responsibilities of Network Membership

Each network member must agree to make the following contributions:

  • To designate an individual as the local contact person (the NNLM Liaison) for network information/communications including keeping up-to-date via the "PSR-News" Announcement List,
  • Be listed in the national registry of network members. NNLM Members Directory is available online.

How to Apply for Network Membership

Complete the Member Application to become a member of the Network of the National Library of Medicine in the Pacific Southwest Region.

If you have any questions about applying for network membership, please contact the Pacific Southwest Regional office at 1-310-825-1200.