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NNLM PSR Funding Guide

As of October 2019, all subaward applications can be submitted through our web-based application system. Each subaward has a unique application, which can be found on the respective subaward landing page. You must be logged in to view and submit the application. 

Once your award has been approved, you will receive a set of guidelines listing the scope of work, deadlines, and procedures for evaluation and invoicing. Be sure to:  

  • Bookmark this guide for future reference.
  • Keep all correspondence regarding your award; the guidelines document supplies key dates and deadlines.
  • Reach out to NNLM PSR for a consultation or coaching! Our staff would be happy to discuss your project.
  • Be prepared to provide updates -- you may want to schedule a progress check-in with NNLM PSR midway through your project.
  • When doing outreach events, take photos that can be shared in future blog posts.
  • Take note of participant feedback that will help tell your outreach story.
  • Contact the NNLM PSR office with any questions. We would love to hear from you!