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NNLM PSR Funding Guide

Special Awardee Reporting Requirements

Professional Development awardees and those who have purchased technology with NNLM funding should complete the appropriate report for their awards.

Optional Training Reports

  • For in-person training, an optional form may be printed out for attendees to complete. Please fill out the sections in red before printing.
  • ​For online training, please follow the NNLM Evaluation Office instructions.

Final Report 

A Final Project Report must be completed and sent to the PSR office no later than 30 days after the end of the period of performance.

  • Final Reports must be submitted via the National Network of Library of Medicine's online reporting portal, known as the Data Reporting System or DRS. Unique login information for the DRS will be supplied to subawardees. You may use this report template to plan your responses in advance. Answer in a narrative paragraph format; feel free to add additional information and skip questions not applicable to your project.
  • Please note that parts of these reports may be made public, and so should be edited carefully for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Reports may be started at any time after the project has begun. We recommend starting early and writing the report as the project progresses.
  • Please contact the PSR office with any questions.