National Network of Libraries of Medicine
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NNLM PSR Funding Guide

Participant Information Data

Participant information data should be collected for project activities; this information is shared with NLM to determine the reach of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

Completed Participant Information Spreadsheets can be scanned and sent to the NNLM PSR office. Please indicate the instructor, activity name, and activity date at the bottom of the file.

Activity Reports

Activity reports must be submitted via the National Network of Library of Medicine's online reporting portal, known as the Data Reporting System or DRS. Unique login information for the DRS will be supplied to subawardees. Activities fall into the following categories: Training, Presentation, Webinar, Site Visit, or Exhibits.

  • These activities are typically scheduled in advance and directed toward an audience outside of the awardee's institution
  • Activities may be in person, virtual, or a combination of both
  • Awardees should make an effort to collect demographic information for all participants
  • Some examples of activities that should be reported are:
    • Holding a class on an NLM resource for members of the public
    • Presenting your outreach program at a professional conference
    • Visiting a potential community partner to assess their health information needs
    • Conducting focus groups to determine how best to serve the larger community
    • Exhibits where you answer questions, distribute educational materials, and provide impromptu training to attendees at conferences, health fairs, or other events (collect encounter information on this tally sheet and report participant information in the DRS)
  • Directions and questions for the Activity Report are listed here, NNLM Subaward Activity Report Template 
  • If you are unsure about whether your activity should be reported, please contact the NNLM PSR office.