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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Express Outreach Award 2000- Redwood Health Library

Title of this project is: Redwood Health Library's Internet HealthQuest.

Express Outreach Award 2000- Sutter Health

Title of the project is: Medicine on the Net.

Express Outreach Award 2000-Memorial Hospitals Association

Title of Project: Los Banos House Calls.

Express Outreach Award 2002-Arizona Health Sciences Library University of Arizona

Handhelds in Healthcare Fair.

Express Outreach Award 2002-California Pacific Medical Center Health Science Library Pacific Campus

Bay Area Health Information Outreach The project will provide instruction on healthcare info. access and on finding info. on aspects of health living to various urban pub.

Express Outreach Award 2002-Degnan Medical Library Contra Costa Regional Medical Center

Outreach to Consumers in Contra Costa County.

Express Outreach Award 2002-Marshall Medical Community Health Library

Health Literacy & Information and Referral Resource Awareness project.

Express Outreach Award 2002-Olive View UCLA Medical Center Health Sciences Library

San Fernando Valley Health Information Outreach.

Express Outreach Award 2002-Redwood Health Library

Petaluma Health Information Access.

Express Outreach Award 2002-Savitt Medical Library University of Nevada School of Medicine

Assessing Potential of Handheld Computing Applications in Public Health.

Express Outreach Award 2004: Exhibit Wild West Veterinary Conference-UC Davis

To make conference attendees aware of the veterinary content in PubMed, aware of document delivery, and search assistance services available to them from the UC Davis Health Sciences Libraries.

Express Outreach Award 2004: San Mateo Medical Center, Medical Library

Title of Project: Clinical Internet Training Lab. To train San Mateo Medical Center primary care physicians to efficiently access NLM databases and internet resources.

Express Outreach Award 2004: University of California, San Diego

Title of Project: Lung Express @ Preuss.

Express Outreach Award 2005: Creating Rural Networks-Grossmont Healthcare

This project involves creating local networks involving the Grossmont Healthcare District (GHD) Library, local public libraries, and local public health nurses, in an area covering 18% of San Diego

Express Outreach Award 2005: Kaiser/Community eCatalog

This project will involve improving and expanding the Kaiser Community Library Wellness web site, which will provide better access to clinical information and consumer health education material,...

Express Outreach Award 2005: Marshall Medical Center Healthcare Interpreters Training

This project involves training for students of Adelante Healthcare Interpreters in PubMed, MedlinePlus and other resources, in order to support well-trained interpreter agency staff for El Dorado C

Express Outreach Award 2005: Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Title of Project: Consumer Health Information Community Service.

Express Outreach Award 2005: Student-Run Clinics Training, UC Davis

In this project, student staff at two clinics affiliated with the UC Davis School of Medicine will be educated and trained to use MedlinePlus, PubMed, and other NLM databases.

Express Outreach Award 2005: University of California, San Diego

Title of Project: The Lung Express at Preuss: Peer Training Project.

Healthy Information Partnership in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

Pacific Resources for Education and Learning partnered with health and social service providers in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) to carry out a community assessment survey that was...