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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Express Outreach Award 2009: Health Information for Micronesians

This project will build documentation and a directory of the resources and research that can be used by health care workers and social service organizations to better assist Micronesians with their

Express Outreach Award 2009: Improving Access to Health Info in the US-API: A Pilot Digital Library

This proposal seeks NNLM PSR support to undertake a systematic collaborative process for the development of a health digital library which will result in the aggregation of health and medical...

Express Outreach Award 2010: Checking the Pulse of Community Health: A Public Forum

HARC was incorporated in 2006 by a collaboration of 30 community-based organizations that recognized the need for a regional health data collection system for individuals, agencies and institutions

Express Outreach Award 2010: Consumer Health Initiatives for Asian and Hispanic Communities in CA

Socioeconomically disadvantaged immigrants or migrant workers constitute a large percentage of Asian and Hispanic populations in the targeted audience.

Express Outreach Award 2010: Consumer Health Outreach in an Urban Underserved Area

The purpose of the project is to actively promote the consumer health information services provided by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) in an urban underserved area.

Express Outreach Award 2010: Medical Librarian Training Program

This agreement provides funding for nine (9) USAPI medical librarians to attend and participate in the Pacific Islands Association of Libraries, Archives, and Museums (PIALA) Conference in Chuuk, F

Express Outreach Award 2010: Reaching out to Los Angeles to Share Community Health Information

The Director of the Charles Drew University Library & Resource Learning Center & the Communications & Outreach Coordinator of the UCLA Louise Darling Biomedical Library will jointly...

Express Outreach Award 2010: Text-A-Librarian Service in an Under-Connected Hospital

Text-A-Librarian @SFGH, is a text messaging information service provided by the San Francisco General Hospital?s Barnett Briggs Medical Library.

Express Outreach Award 2010: Youth Enrichment in Science | Junior Nurse Program

With the goals to promote outreach by the American University of Health Sciences (AUHS) to share expertise & resources with minorities not normally reached, to encourage community-focused...

Get Healthy @ the Library with Screencasts: Developing Health Literacy Skills

This project focuses on the skill that is the starting point many patients embark on an online search for information on the disease or condition they have just been diagnosed with.

Major Outreach Award 2009-2011: AANHOPI Substance Abuse Information Center

The National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse (NAPAFASA) seeks to establish the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Other Pacific Islander Substance Abuse Information...

PSR Outreach Connections

This project highlights training, demonstrations and presentations of PubMed, MedlinePlus and/or other NLM resources to groups done by the Pacific Southwest Region Network Members.

PSR Outreach Connections 2011-2016

This project highlights training, demonstrations and presentations of PubMed, MedlinePlus and/or other NLM resources to groups done by the Pacific Southwest Region Network Members.

Rural Integrated Partnership Network for Mental / Primary Health Care

The purpose of the project is to establish tools that will support efforts of primary care providers, including students, residents, and School of Medicine faculty, who provide mental health and pr

Yoeme Youth Health Conference of the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Community Project

AHSL will work with Hiaki High School and Toltecalli High School to develop a student-planned, school supported day-long health-oriented youth conference aimed at improving health in the community

Title Description Amount
Express Outreach Award 2008-09: Lunch and Learn Health Education Series

In this project, the ValleyCare Health Library will collaborate with the Regional Cancer Center and Diabetes Education Center, both affiliated with the ValleyCare Health System, to conduct a series

Express Outreach Award 2008-09: Palau Health Information Literacy

This project proposal seeks support to provide 4-5 training sessions to public health and library staff in Palau, covering key health information resources.

Express Outreach Award 2008-09: Taking it to the Streets

Sharp Healthcare sponsors one of the two Community Health Libraries in San Diego County.

Express Outreach Award 2008: Empowering the Community with Health Literacy

Building on the success with Health Information Literacy, the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Library (PCOM) will implement an outreach training partnership based at four San Diego community c

Express Outreach Award 2009: Arizona Health Literacy Collaboration

The Arizona Health Literacy Collaboration plans to assess the current knowledge base of health literacy and health literacy resources of health care providers and social service personnel in the st