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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
EOA 2011-2012: Diabetes Information Outreach to the Latino/Hispanic Population of Pomona

Western University of Health Sciences in conjunction with the Pomona Public Library, will develop and operationalize a diabetes information outreach program aimed at the Hispanic/Latino population

EOA 2011-2012: Digital Empowerment for Diabetic Patients

The ultimate goal of the project is to improve the health status of disadvantaged diabetic patients by providing them with the computer and internet skills necessary to find and evaluate health inf

EOA 2011-2012: Healthy Teens

Huntington Hospital is proposing a pilot program to increase teen awareness of the necessity of ?whole health.?

EOA 2011-2012: UC Davis Medical Center and NNLM PSR E-Science Day- Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The objectives for the project are: * To educate regional librarians in e-science * To expose regional librarians to information and resources designed to encourage the initiation of e-science-supp

EOA 2013-14: Big Bang Health Info. Literacy: Outreach to Diverse Populations for Future Success

The Pacific College of Oriental College will create a health information literacy-training program based on NLM/NIH online resources for San Diego's multicultural, diverse & minority...

Express Outreach Award 2010: Youth Enrichment in Science | Junior Nurse Program

With the goals to promote outreach by the American University of Health Sciences to share expertise and resources with minorities not normally reached, to encourage community-focused activities in

Pacific Southwest Region 2011-2016

The mission of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM) is to advance the progress of medicine, improve the public health by providing all U.S health professionals with equal access to

PSR Outreach Connections 2011-2016

This project highlights training, demonstrations and presentations of PubMed, MedlinePlus and/or other NLM resources to groups done by the Pacific Southwest Region Network Members.

Title Description Amount
A novel approach to Community Faculty Outreach: The Charles Drew University Health Sciences Library

The Director of the Charles Drew University Health Sciences Library will work with a segment of community faculty from Charles Drew University who are volunteer faculty and who provide the role of

Border and Outreach Challenges (2010-2011)

AHSL is requesting funds from PSR to assist in hiring an interim (temporary) outreach services librarian to participate in the above projects AND take on other day-to-day responsibilities...

COA 2011-2016: Arizona Outreach

The Arizona Health Sciences Library (AHSL), at the University of Arizona has been involved in outreach to the State of Arizona since its inception in 1967.

EOA 2012-13: Bridging the Health Information Gap: Saturday Academy & Charles Drew University Lib.

The Saturday Science Academy II is one of the University's oldest pipeline programs.

EOA 2012-13: Community Mini-Conferences on Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Health Information

The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Library (PCOM) will lead the Community Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Health Information Outreach Program in collaboration with the County of San Diego-Pub

EOA 2012-13: Health Professionals Information Use in Patient Care in Research-Rich Settings

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Public Access Policy requires (since 2008) that all peer-reviewed journal publications resulting from NIH funding be made publicly accessible within a year o

EOA 2012-13: Outreach to Students through College Health Services: Pacific Islanders Pilots

College students are at a time in life when they are developing habits and decisions that affect the direction and quality of their lives.

Express Outreach Award 2008-09: Palau Health Information Literacy

This project proposal seeks support to provide 4-5 training sessions to public health and library staff in Palau, covering key health information resources.

Express Outreach Award 2008-09: Taking it to the Streets

Sharp Healthcare sponsors one of the two Community Health Libraries in San Diego County.

Express Outreach Award 2009: Arizona Health Literacy Collaboration

The Arizona Health Literacy Collaboration plans to assess the current knowledge base of health literacy and health literacy resources of health care providers and social service personnel in the st

Express Outreach Award 2009: Community Health Library Without Walls

The current economic situation has resulted in decreased access to health care and health information for the residents of rural areas.

Express Outreach Award 2009: Diverse Community-Dwelling Elders Seeking Health Information Training

This project will build a collaborative health information training program for elders enrolled in basic computer classes where they are individually coached by high school volunteers.