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EOA 2015-2016: EnviRN ? Evidence: Enhancing nurses? capacity to search for environmental health evidence

The Institute of Medicine notes that all nurses should integrate environmental health into their education, practice, research, & policy efforts, yet environmental health is poorly incorporated into nursing curriculum1. Thus, new nurses are ill prepared to assess and address environmental health problems. With this project we will create a self-paced, problem-based tutorial for nurses -faculty, nursing students, and practicing nurses - about the relationship between environmental exposures and health outcomes and the location of reliable informational and data sources that are part of TOXNET?. The training will include an introduction to environmental health for nurses, introductions to select TOXNET? resources, and 4 environmental health case studies to illustrate how TOXNET? can be used in education, practice, and research. The training program will include instructions to faculty who may want to use this training for curricular purposes, instructions for practicing nurses on how they can use TOXNET? resources to help determine the risks associated with their patients? and communities? environmental exposures (home, work, school, community), and instructions for nurse researchers on the TOXNET??s unique informational resources. The proposed training will incorporate case studies will include one on children?s exposures, one involving women during pregnancy, one involving a rural community?s population-based exposure, and one illustrating the environmental justice implications of asthma. The project will be developed in collaboration with librarians serving nurses at the USF, the PSR RML, NLM TOXNET? staff, and USF faculty experts, in partnership with Education Committee members of the international Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments ( ).

University of San Francisco
University of San Francisco Library
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Friday, May 1, 2015 to Saturday, April 30, 2016
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