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EOA 2012-13: Bridging the Health Information Gap: Saturday Academy & Charles Drew University Lib.

The Saturday Science Academy II is one of the University's oldest pipeline programs. For years it has been strengthening the math, science, and health education of K-12 students through more involved instruction and demonstrations by local teachers, parents, and faculty members. Activities can range from students increasing their mathematic skills, to students wanting to become scientists or physicians because they now understand the scientific process and have been encouraged to dream. The program has been responsible for sparking the interest of numerous young people in careers involving science and medicine. The academy has three 8-week sessions and one 4-week session offered during the summer. Bridging the Health Information Gap will supplement these activities by providing training in using NLM resources to both instructors and students. The key tools that will be used are outlined in NLM SIS K-12 Science and Health Education website. Depending on the age group, NLM resources such as Tox Town, MedlinePlus, and the Visible Human Project would be introduced to the instructors of the Saturday Science Academy II in order for them to use these materials with their students. A librarian would be present during selected classroom sessions to conduct training for the teachers, monitor NLM resource use, and provide further instruction for interested teachers and students. At the conclusion of the project, all participants would be surveyed to gauge how effective our efforts had been in introducing NLM resources.

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
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Academic Institution
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012 to Tuesday, April 30, 2013
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